GEH Wasserchemie and Hydroisotop Form hydroFilt GmbH

December 2014 - hydroFilt GmbH, domiciled in Innsbruck / Austria, was founded by GEH Wasserchemie and co-shareholder Hydroisotop GmbH of Schweitenkrichen / Germany.

GEH Wasserchemie, a leading manufacturer of high-performance feric oxide based adsorbents, and Hydroisotop GmbH, an accredited specialist for water analytics and isotope hydrology, have both been successful providers in the water treatment sector for many years.

The intent in founding hydroFilt GmbH at the Austria location is to promote sale of our combined portfolio of products and services and enhance customer focus, specifically in Southern and Southeastern Europe.

Along with the ditribution of the entire GEH® and Hydrofilt® product portfolios, hydroFilt GmbH offers in-depth applications engineering and R&D solutions for specifically formulated problems in drinking, mineral and watter treatment.

Arsenic, antimony, fluorides, radium, radon and uranium are just some of the undesired water contaminations which are selectively removed by the jointly developed filter systems offered by hydroFilt GmbH. The process does not otherwise change the water´s chemical composition.