Arsenic Congress in Buenos Aires / Argentina

October 2013 - In Latin America, arsenic contamination of drinking water is a serious problem affecting an estimated 14 million people. Certain regions in Argentina and Chile in particular are plagued by alarmingly high arsenic groundwater concentrations. The problem is not a new one: The first case of arsenic poisoning (arsenicosis) was reported back in the year 1914 in the city of Bell Ville (Córdoba Province / Argentina). Fast forwarding 100 years ahead, the "5th International Congress on Arsenic in the Environment” will be held in Buenos Aires from 11 to 16 May 2014. Leading scientists from around the world will meet there to discuss recent research findings on arsenic contamination in the environment and the food chain, as well as associated health topics and suitable removal technologies.
GEH Wasserchemie supports the congress and will participate by presenting a paper in conjunction with Argentinian distribution partner proH2O. At the accompanying trade show, scientists and other interested parties can visit our booth to get in-depth information about GEH 102 granular ferric hydroxide and its successful applications in arsenic removal to date.