Largest-Ever GEH Dearsenification Unit in Germany Goes On Stream

December 2009 – A new dearsenification unit with a processing capacity of 192 m3/h and a projected annual water throughput of 1,180,000 m3 came on stream this month at the Rummelsberg water plant in Schwarzenbruck / Germany. The unit, supplied by W&S Wassertechnik GmbH, features four parallel-operated adsorber beds in a space-saving stacked configuration containing a total of 10 tonnes of GEH® 102 adsorbent. The adsorbent will be used over a predicted service life of several years. For the surrounding communities, the new unit is a reliable source of drinking water supply fulfilling all requirements and specifications of the German Drinking Water Decree with attractive economics.

Stacked adsorber beds in parallel operation


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