GEH Wasserchemie Supports Youth Sports

January 2010 – The girls’ B junior team of Hagener SV sports club today were the proud recipients of new warm-up suits presented to them today by Ulrich Mentrup, General Sales Manager of GEH Wasserchemie. Their new gear will make participation in upcoming tournaments all the more exciting.  Emotions ran high as well in the boys’ D youth team of Hagener SV who received new jerseys from GEH at the start of the season. Enjoying a very successful season so far, these football stars of tomorrow lead the standings in their league at the winter break.

Amateur sports teams nowadays often have difficulty funding new uniforms and equipment. Realizing this, GEH Wasserchemie did not hesitate to respond to Hagener SV’s request. Ulrich Mentrup, himself an avid leisure-time footballer and father of two children active in the sport, put it this way: “This was a matter very near to our hearts. Young sports enthusiasts pursuing a goal deserve our support. We were happy to help out with this important activity for young people’s development”.


Girls’ B junior team of Hagener SV sports club


Boys’ D youth team of Hagener SV sports club




Hagener SV sports club