10 Years of Quality - GEH Wasserchemie is celebrating its anniversary

May 2007 – GEH Wasserchemie is 10 years old – this means 10 years of quality and excellence in the field of water treatment. 10 years of continuous work in research and development and 10 years of top customer service.

When our company was founded and set up in Osnabrück in 1997, we were the world’s only manufacturer of iron-based adsorber materials for the removal of arsenic.

The first years
In the first years, we put a great deal of energy into building and further developing a technical production line that meets all requirements in the manufacture of a high-quality product for use in water treatment.
The first years were also spent launching and positioning this novel product on the market.

The present
Thanks to the effective and simple technology of our newly developed adsorber material, compared to the previous alternative methods of treatment, our endeavours were crowned with success.
Today, GEH Wasserchemie (GmbH & Co. KG) is one of the leading manufacturers of iron-based adsorbents.

It is with pride that we can refer to approx. 2,000 GEH® plants worldwide, which treat an estimated amount of 450,000 m3 of drinking water for daily use. In the badly affected areas of India alone, half a million people are supplied with arsenic-free drinking water, thanks to the use of GEH®

Thanks to a continually expanding product portfolio aiming to meet the needs of our customers, and to our continual work research and development, our products are currently used in many different areas of water treatment.

With this background we would like to thank all our customers, partners and suppliers who have contributed so effectively towards the success of our company by lending us their full support.

The future
We will continue to develop new products and improve the quality of our established products, keeping in line with our company philosophy – “Don’t look to the future, progress towards it with GEH.”