What is GEH?

GEH® is a high-capacity adsorber originally developed for the economic and effective removal of arsenic in the treatment of drinking water. It is used in a fixed bed adsorption process. Thanks to its patented and special manufacture, and the high-quality raw materials used, GEH® is a synthetic iron hydroxide of the highest purity. The granules have a porosity of approx. 75%, and have a  large specific surface area of > 220 m2/g.
They do not release harmful substances into the treated water and do not alter its pH value.
The special manufacturing process means that all of the pores are completely filled with water. For this reason, the adsorption capacity is very high, up to a maximum of 55 gAs/kg. GEH® is available in grain sizes of approx. 0.2 to 2.0 mm.

To comply with our customers’ needs and to satisfy the demand for suitable materials for a variety of cases of application, GEH® has constantly been further developed and adjusted to the specific requirements.

Adsorption to granulated iron hydroxide is a reliable, low-maintenance procedure that does not require complex control engineering or dosing of chemicals. Remaining waste from this prosess is a small amount of exhausted adsorbent, which needs to be disposed of.  

An overview of the advantages of GEH®:
  • Unlike its rival products, GEH® has a very high adsorption capacity
  • The high adsorption capacity allows lifetimes of up to 5 years.
  • The chemistry of the water remains unchanged.
  • GEH® plants do not have any moving parts.
  • GEH® plants do not require electric power.
  • No need for chemical storage or dosage.
  • GEH® plants are ready-to-operate.
  • GEH® plants do not produce any sludge or waste water contaminated with arsenic.


Areas of application of GEH®:

Arsenic removal
Municipal drinking water

Phosphate removal
Groundwater rehabilitation
Elimination of nutrients
    from natural outdoor pools
Elimination of phosphate
    in sewage treatment plant processes

Elimination of heavy metals
Groundwater rehabilitation
Industrial water
Reactive barriers
Landfill leachate

Copper and zinc removal
Precipitation water from
    copper and zinc facades

GEH® is also successfully used in the removal of uranium and fluoride.